The EOD Remembrance Garden is complete and open to the public.  

This area has several permanent benches surrounding our statues that represent an EOD warrior from each of the major military branches of service that serve as EOD technicians.

Peace, Comfort, and Honor

The Remembrance Garden is a place of honor for families and friends to remember and show respect to all EOD techs – past, present, and future regardless of how they may have been lost to us. For some it may be the passing of time, others working a civilian job with the skills they learned as an EOD tech, others from illness, and for some the lost battle brought on by the invisible wounds of post-traumatic stress, depression, or traumatic brain injury. This is a place to remember and honor them and we hope at some point that it may provide some sense of healing for those left behind.  

The Remembrance Garden Journey

Sculpted by Stephanie Hunter / Grounds designed and developed by Landon Wise / Wyscape