MAJ Thomas C. Zeugner


MAJ Thomas C.M. (Carlyle Morris) “Tom” Zeugner was killed on 27 February 1991.  MAJ Zeugner was the commander of the 543rd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Control Team (EODCT), 52nd Ordnance Group (Explosive Ordnance Disposal), assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps.  MAJ Zeugner was killed by small arms fire, during a command visit with subordinate Explosive Ordnance Disposal units.  MAJ Zeugner’s was a passenger in a M1009 CUCV driven by SFC James “Jim” Scholz that was traveling north on Main Supply Route (MSR) Texas to As Salman Airfield (170 kilometers southwest of Khamisiyah).  The vehicle went through a critical road crossing north of the airfield that had not yet been occupied by French 6th Light Armor Division.  They apparently missed the turn off to the airfield and continue north on MSR Texas and wandered into the Iraqi village of As Samawah.  Realizing their mistake they turned around.  After they turned around they came under fire from the Iraqi village.  MAJ Zeugner was mortally wounded by a gunshot.  They then came upon the French roadblock that had now been emplaced, but MAJ Zeugner had already died from his injury.  MAJ Zeugner was also going to As-Salman Airfield to investigate the XVIII Airborne Corps accident in which seven soldiers were killed on 26 February 1991.  The soldiers were engineers (the company commander, platoon leader, platoon sergeant, squad leader and three other soldiers) from Alpha Company 27th Engineer Battalion (Combat) (Airborne), of the 20th Engineer Brigade.  They were killed in an accidental explosion while preparing dud U.S. BLU-97/B Combined Effects Bomb (CEB) bomblets submunitions found at the As Salman Airfield for demolition.  In this single incident, XVIII Airborne Corps suffered one-third of its Desert Storm combat casualties. 

Additional Facts: Born: 28 June 1954; Age: 36; Hometown: Petersburg, Virginia; Buried:  Southlawn Memorial Park, Prince George, Virginia; Gulf War Veterans Memorial: Row 5; Block 2.

*This bio was researched and authored by SGM Mike R.Vining, USA (Retired). Please send any additional information and/or corrections to the author of this bio by email: The EOD Warrior Foundation is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in bio.


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February 27, 1991

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