SFC Charles O. Baker II


SFC Charles Oakes Baker II was killed on 15 June 1968.  SFC Baker was assigned to the 85th Ordnance Detachment (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). SFC Baker and SP4 Stanford were clearing the 4th Division grenade range at South Gate, Camp Enari, Pleiku Providence, Republic of Vietnam. Four dud M26 HE fragmentation hand grenades were reported to the EOD unit. While on the range one of the grenades functioned. It was suspected the grenade had a hung striker. The explosion killed SFC Baker and SP4 Stanford received between 200 to 250 fragmentation wounds to his body. SP4 Stanford was seriously wounded and was evacuated to the United States where he recovered from his wounds.


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June 15, 1968

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  1. Thomas Baker

    I am one of SFC Charles Bakers sons. I think of him often as well as SP4 Stanford.
    If Stanford sees this, I’d love to hear from him. Thomas Baker, East Hampton, N.Y.


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