T/5 Elmer J. Craddock


T/5 CPL Elmer J. Craddock, CPT George Clifford “Clifford” Sarauw, 2LT Arthur J. Zellmer, and T/SGT Francis H. Zurn were killed, and T/5 CPL Raymond J. Rondeau and presumed killed on 18 April 1945. They were assigned to 92nd Ordnance (Bomb Disposal) Squad. They were participating in the assault landing on Ie Jima (also called Ie Shima), Okinawa Ryukyu Islands when their landing craft detonated a landmine.  The 92nd Ordnance (Bomb Disposal) Squad had been patrolling for mines southwest of Iwo Jima, where these obstacles had been thickest, discouraging Navy supply craft from landing.

*This bio was researched and authored by SGM Mike R. Vining, USA (Retired) with supporting research from the books, Nine from Aberdeen, by Jeffrey M. Leatherwood, Ph.D., and Bomb Disposal, The Early Years of Explosive Ordnance Disposal, 1940 to 1949, by LTC Robert E. Leiendecker, USA (Retired)


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April 18, 1945

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