T/5 John Becki


T/5 CPL John Becki and CPT Samuel R. Brough, Jr. were killed on 10 July 1945. They were assigned to the 99th Ordnance (Bomb Disposal) Squad. The 99th Ordnance (Bomb Disposal) Squad was preparing for a sea dump off the island of Okinawa. The Squad was loading Japanese ordnance onto their truck parked in a holding area. The truckload of ordnance exploded killing T/5 CPL Becki and CPT Brough, plus several others in the area. T/5 CPL Becki is listed as missing-in-action, even though he may be buried in Hawaii. T/5 CPL Becki was posthumously awarded the Soldier’s Medal.

*This bio was researched and authored by SGM Mike R.Vining, USA (Retired). Please send any additional information and/or corrections to the author of this bio by email: sgmmvining@gmail.com. The EOD Warrior Foundation is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in bio.


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July 10, 1945

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