On 24 January 1944, while assigned to LION 4, Hunter’s Point Navy Yard, San
Francisco, CA at 4:30 PM, AOM2C Devenny died from multiple injuries caused
by an explosion of an improvised block of TNT.

During an infiltration training course, AOM2C Devenny constructed an
improvised grenade that consisted of a 1/2-pound block of TNT nails imbedded
inside, ignited by a non-electric blasting cap, time fuse with a delay of 19
seconds, and an igniter. After the initial toss of the improvised grenade, it failed
to function and AOM2C Devenny retrieved it to replace the igniter and attempt a
second initiation. It was during the 2 nd toss that the grenade function as
designed, resulting in his death. It was determined the time fuse had been
ignited on the first initiation but took approximately one minute to ignite the
blasting cap.

AOM2C Devenny was a graduate from Navy Bomb Disposal Class #22 and was
attending a course in Hunter’s Point Shipyard to learn combat skill and infiltration
training “C” prior to his scheduled deployment to the Pacific Theater.


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January 24, 1944

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