PFC Laurence C. Paystrup


Private First Class Laurence C. Paystrup was born on 6 July 1919 in Levan, Utah.  Private First Class Paystrup enlisted in the Army on 6 May, 1942 at Fort Douglas, Utah.  Private First Class Paystrup attended training at Fort Francis E. Warren (Stockton, California) and Aberdeen Proving Ground before being assigned to the 2nd Bomb Disposal Squad (Separate). 

The 2nd was deployed to North Africa in early 1943 and conducted several operations with the 1st and 4th Bomb Disposal Squads (Separate) during the Tunisia Campaign.  The Tunisia Campaign was a series of battles between the Allied and Axis forces in Northern Africa. 

Private First Class Laurence Paystrupwas killed in action on 26 May 1943 while loading ordnance onto a truck near Sbeitla, Tunisia, when several M9A1 anti-tank rifle gernades fell from the truck.   

Private First Class Paystrup is buried in Levan City Cemetery in Levan, Utah.   Killed 26 May 1943, age 23

Private First Class Paystrup is survived by his niece, Dorene M. Lynch.


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May 26, 1943

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