T/5 Elmer Lewis Allison


Technician Fifth Grade Elmer L. Allison was born in Madison, VA on 16 February 1918 to Luther and Mary Allison. He enlisted in the U.S Army on August 22nd, 1942 at Charlottesville, VA. TEC 5 Allison graduated from the Army’s Bomb Disposal School in Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland. He was assigned to the 134th Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad.

Technician Fifth Grade Allison and his squad arrived in Marseille, France on October 8th, 1944. He and his squad mate were killed in a minefield accident on October 16th, 1944 near Luynes, Indre-et-Loire, France. No further details are known about the accident. His remains were returned from France and reinterred in Arlington National Cemetery on November 5th 1948.


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October 16, 1944

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