TSGT Louis Brovetto


Technical Sergeant Louis Brovetto was born on 07 November 1920 in Queens, New York and enlisted in the United States Army on 11 March 1943. After entering the Army Technical Sergeant Brovetto was assigned to the 41st Ordnance Bomb Disposal Squad (Separate) (OBDS) and would serve as the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer for the squad during the invasion of Normandy.

The 41st OBDS landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day +1 and were immediately dispatched to the St Pierre-Du-Mont Airfield where they would render safe a 500 pound unexploded bomb on D-Day +2, allowing allied forces to  continue construction of the airfield. Overnight, a 1,750 pound “G” mine was dropped onto the airfield and again the squad, led in part by Technical Sergeant Brovetto, was tasked to render safe and remove the mine so operations could resume. Over the next 51 days, the 41st OBDS continued clearing unexploded ordnance throughout Normandy.

On the evening of 30 July 1944, Technical Sergeant Brovetto was called out to investigate a tank which had been disabled after entering a mine field. While attempting to clear a path through the minefield and recover the tank, Technical Sergeant Brovetto was killed by a booby trap. 

Technical Sergeant Brovetto was initially survived by his mother Rose and was buried in LaCambe-Isigny, France but was later reinterred at Long Island National Cemetery. Today he is survived by his Nephew and Godson Warren Brovetto.


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July 30, 1944

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  1. Robert Brovetto

    I want to thank EOD Warrior Foundation for remembering and recognizing my Uncle for his bravery and service to our country in their time of strife. We finally have some sort of closure regarding his tragic death. God Bless your foundation.

    *A foot note: Sadly, Lewis’s nephew Warren Brovetto, who represented our family at EOD foundation’s remembrance of our Uncle passed away 3/4/19.


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